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Nebraska Central Telephone Company

Local Telephone-Long Distance-Internet-Computer Networking-Telephone Systems-Cable TV.

887 H Street, Gibbon, NE 68840
Culligan Water Conditioning

Serving Valley, Greeley, Garfield, Custer counties and surrounding areas.
Culligan Water Softeners allow you to clean using less detergent from the kitchen, bath and laundry. Culligan Water Softeners set the standard in water treatment technology leveraging over 75 years of water treatment experience. Culligan's entire line of state-of-the-art water softeners feature innovative, patented technology, and professional in-home installation.
A Culligan Whole-House Water Filter can make a dramatic difference in your home. Nothing transforms your home's water quite like a Culligan Whole House Water Filter. With a simple filtration installation by your Culligan Man, you'll see and taste the difference throughout your whole house right away!
Never-ending clean, filtered drinking water is right at your fingertips. No other solution offers the clean, endless fresh water you get from a Culligan Drinking Water System. Home water filtration and purification has never been easier. Using Culligan's reverse osmosis water filtration and sophisticated interchangeable filters, your local Culligan Man can customize a water filter treatment system solution specific to you, your family and your local water supply.
A solution for very difficult or specific water problems. For certain difficult waters, whole house reverse osmosis is sometimes not only the best solution, it is virtually the only solution. The most common application for large, point-of-entry reverse osmosis systems in the home is water with high salt content. Reverse osmosis effectively removes sodium, chloride, fluoride and other difficult-to-treat contaminants, solving problems that other filters cannot.

214 South 5th Avenue, Broken Bow, NE 68822
Great Western Gas Co.
Great Western Gas Co.

Great Western Gas offers propane sales and service, propane appliances, tank heaters, propane cylinders and refills, Empire Heaters, Goodman Furnace & A/C, Co Ray Vac Systems, Gas and Pellet Grills.

110 S Hwy 11, Burwell, NE 68823
J & J Sanitation
J & J Sanitation

Serving the entire Garfield Country area.

87181 494th., P.O. Box 190, O'Neill, NE 68763
J & J Sanitation Web Site
Loup Valley K-Lawn
Loup Valley K-Lawn

Turn to the Lawn Care Experts at
Loup Valley K-Lawn

We all want a beautiful lawn — without all the hassles of what it takes to keep it that way. And when you turn to the lawn care professionals at
Loup Valley K-Lawn, you'll have more time to spend simply enjoying your lawn.

3018 Cedar Ord, NE 68862
308-728-7880 or 308-730-2647
Ottens Electric LLC
Ottens Electric LLC

Complete residential and commercial electrician services.

127 South 11th Avenue, Burwell, NE 68823
Wadas, Inc.
Wadas, Inc.


You can look to Wadas Inc. for all your WaterFurnace Ord geothermal heating and cooling requirements, including: planning assistance, complete comfort system installation,
routine service and maintenance, emergency repair, energy-saving advice and consultation.
Our fully qualified professional staff is dedicated to the total satisfaction of customers throughout the Burwell and Ord areas. After all, you've picked the premium heating and cooling system available. We make certain each system continues to live up to the expectations of, boosting your home's conditioning efficiency and helping you save on energy costs.
Contact Wadas Inc. today to get a free estimate and a cost savings analysis for your home.

205 N. 15th Street, Ord, NE 68862